Bank acquiring: installing a payment system on the website

The time has passed when you could pay for services or purchases with a bank card on the site only through payment systems, where real money turned into a certain electronic currency, and then back into money when transferring to the seller's bank account.

Currently, the banks themselves are increasingly providing the service of Internet acquiring. The main advantage of such a transition is lower interest for service. With a large turnover, we feel a transition, for example, from 3.5% to 2.7%.

The second difference between servicing in a bank is the automatic receipt of funds into your current bank account and full accounting support for these transactions. For example, your current account is in bank "A". Your acquirer is Bank "B". If one pays by card, Bank "B" will process the transaction and a day later transfer the required amount (minus interest) to your bank account in "A".

There is one significant disadvantage when servicing in a bank, and it concerns the technical issues of connecting the site to acquiring. Each bank has its own protocols for exchanging information with sites, and often they are more complex than in payment systems. Moreover, sometimes the requirement of the bank is the availability of an SSL certificate on the site. This electronic certificate provides an encrypted exchange of information. If you saw in the link to the site not "http://", but "https://", then this is exactly the encrypted connection. This requires a special configuration of the site and approximately $50 per year for renting an SSL certificate for one site.

We tested and proved the reliability of the following banks:

Moscow Credit Bank


If your bank is not on this list - it does not matter, we will gladly connect you to it, test it, and it will appear here.

The cost of works is negotiable from 5 000 RUB.